A clash of design and culture

When horror culture and Japanese anime culture collide, art emerges. These were our influences and passion and the result is XENOCHU! A designer action figure in 8.5 cm height, brilliant colours and meticulous love for detail! The idea and planning took place for the first time 2016 in japan, the final product saw the light of the world for the first time in 2019 in China and should find peace in the hands of horror lovers, anime lovers or just lovers of geek culture!


The result of almost 3 years of planning . The best possible quality of art and design at a price that cannot be undercut in this class. Manufactured from the best materials and high quality colours to attract all attention and to stand out in a known daily life and a worn out collection.

Free Shipping,
As long as it lasts

Our product should remain exclusive, therefore we have limited the number of pieces to exactly 2500. In addition we are able to offer free shipping for 1250 orders, for fairness's sake these are offered to random customers for a short time at the checkout. If you live in the US you will receive a tracking code after the processing time (2-4 working days) via email.

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